Dr. Bayya Srinivasa Rao (M.S. ENT)

  • Founder of Dr. Bayya ENT Hospital in 1988
  • Performed more than 440 Cochlear implant surgeries.
  • Trained in Cochlear implant surgery at Memorial Hemann Hospital, USA.
  • Attented multiple International Conferences:
    • APSCI – Singapore, Seoul
    • ESPCI – Greece,etc
  • CI workshops – Melbourne Sydney
  • International CI conferences – Stockholm, Baltimore, Toronto
  • Mentor surgeon for many new cochlear implant hospitals in Andhra pradesh

Dr. Bayya Sudhir (MS ENT)

  • Completed M.S. (ENT) from SRMC, Chennai
  • Practicing ENT, Head & Neck, Snoring and Cochlear implant surgeries at Bayya ENT Hospital from April, 2012
  • Performed more than 400 Cochlear implant Surgeries.
  • Has undergone multiple International Trainings
    • Cochlear Implant Training at Sydney.
    • Coblator and Snoring at Adelaide.
    • Facial plastic surgery – Seoul, Korea
  • Attended many implant workshops at Paris, San Fransisco, ESPCI Toulouse, London, Jakarta, Swizerland.

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