This surgical specialty has really grown in the last few years and voice care has really grown because of this. ENT surgeons in the past have been disappointed with voice surgery, as what appeared to be a good surgical table result did not match the poor voice outcome of the patient. The reason for this poor outcome frustrated surgeons till the mucosal wave pattern of the vocal cords during motion was studied and surgical techniques were devised to respect this very sophisticated body function.

At Dr. Manoj’s ENT , vocal cord and laryngeal frame work surgery has been taken to a new level- accurate pre operative diagnosis with sophisticated laryngeal stroboscopes and voice analysis, appropriate voice counseling and therapy in a dedicated voice lab and proper pre operative preparation. Without voice therapy the results of voice surgery are undoubtedly poor; and it is for this reason that we have an excellent team of voice specialists headed by Dr. PT Santhosh Kumar, who is being recognized as a genuine voice specialist in the state.

For vocal fold surgery, we again have brilliant instrumentation- Storz operating video laryngoscopes, three chip cameras, laryngal debriders and coblator probes to perform the most precise surgery on that delicate organ- the larynx. Due to the finesse of surgical techniques, we do not give postoperative medication at all, except painkillers on demand, and do not prescribe absolute voice rest, only voice care. This means that the patient can be back to study or work immediately. We have many satisfied patients including professional voice users and singers who have returned to active successful careers after voice surgery.

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